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Atebion eich cwestiynnau mwyaf cyson.

Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Ogof Sion Corn - Santa's Grotto


How much is it?

£8 per child. Each child will have a meet and greet with Santa, and receive a small gift.


Do babies have to pay?

If babies are part of a larger group and they do not require a present, then no they don’t have to pay. However if the baby is the only child in the group visiting then they will be required to pay £8


I have more than one child wishing to visit Santa, do I need to book more than one slot?

No, one family only requires one slot. When using the online booking system, pay the £8 to confirm the slot (and payment for one child), and then you will pay for any additional children when you turn up on the day.


What happens if COVID means the grotto has to be cancelled?

We will be adhering to Welsh Government guidelines with regards to Covid-19 at all times. If this means that the grotto has to be closed and you have already booked your slot to visit Santa, you will be offered a refund (less the credit transaction fee).


Do we have to book? Can't we just turn up on the day?

If we have space your are more than welcome to turn up on the day and queue. Online bookings for each day will close at 11pm the evening before (i.e. Bookings for Saturday 20th November will close on 11pm on Friday 19th). We advise you to keep an eye on our Facebook page for the most up to date information.


Negeseuon Sion Corn - Messages From Santa, Personalised videos

How much are videos?

Each video is £10 for each family, regardless of how many children you have.


Do I need to fill in a different form for each child?

No, it is one form per video. Put details for all children on one form. Bear in mind videos will be limited to around 150 seconds, so the more information you put down the less likely Santa will be able to mention everything, but he will try his best.


How are the videos sent out?

Where possible videos are sent out via WhatsApp. If this is problematic for you please state this on your order form and we will arrange with you to send via a web transfer system (i.e WeTransfer) or other suitable format.


Are all the videos unique to each family?

Yes, every video is individually recorded.

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